Photon etc. is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures highly sensitive infrared cameras and ultrafast hyperspectral imaging systems (wide-field, microscopy and Raman) for academic research and cutting-edge industrial applications. Its core technology is a continuously tunable filter based on volume Bragg gratings. It allows choosing the filtered wavelength to the nanometer. Hyperspectral global imaging consists of the spectral acquisition on a large area of a sample without damaging it. With these technologies and its know-how in the domain of highly sensible infrared cameras, Photon etc. enables the complex analysis of nanomaterials and recyclable materials, semiconductors or solar cells by the mean of its hyperspectral imaging platforms. It also opens the second biological window with the global imaging of living cells in vitro, small animals in vivo, the hemoglobin concentration of skin or even retinal imaging.

CAREERS OPPORTUNITIES  (French versions only)

Technician in electronics


Photon etc.’s became a leader in the scientific instrumentation industry thanks to the creativity and excellence of its team members. We are always looking for professionals with strong experiences, autonomy and a thirst for solutions. If you believe you can add value to our dynamic team, feel free to send your CV to

Photon etc.’s employees are also partners of the company. Indeed, all Photon etc.’s team members are part of a Worker Shareholder Co-op (WS Co-op). For more information, see the press release on this subject.