Photon etc. designs and manufactures optical analysis instruments based mainly on a unique and patented hyperspectral imaging technology. Its products are divided into four families: laser sources and tunable filter, infrared cameras, hyperspectral imaging systems and wide field microscopy hyperspectral systems. The applications range from live cell imaging, solar cells characterization to the development of nanotechnology and industrial sorting. In addition to these product lines Photon etc.'s innovative team of  also creates solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers.

CAREERS OPPORTUNITIES  (French version only)

Concepteur mécanique:

Aperçu des tâches:

  • Conception mécanique d'instruments ;
  • Conception mécanique d’outillage ;
  • Élaboration des dessins de détails pour la fabrication ;
  • Documentation du travail de conception et d’analyse;
  • Établissement de spécifications et de procédures d’assemblage et de tests ;
  • Contacts avec les fournisseurs pour la fabrication et l'approvisionnement ;
  • Assemblage, ajustements et tests de prototype.



Photon etc’s became a leader in the scientific instrumentation industry thanks to the creativity and excellence of its team members. We are always looking for professionals with strong experiences, autonomy and a thirst for solutions. If you believe you can add value to our dynamic team, feel free to send your CV to

Photon etc’s employees are also partners of the company. Indeed, all Photon etc’s team members are part of a Worker Shareholder Co-op (WS Co-op). For more information, see the press release on this subject.