Photon etc provides high resolution imaging solutions to meet your needs in analysis of soils and chemical compositions.

Thanks to its flexibility and sensibility, the infrared spectroscopy allows the exclusion of some pollution sources by analyzing constituent elements of our environment.

The near infrared spectroscopy is more suited for the laboratory setting, where high resolution spectroscopy is needed for atmospheric pollution research. However, atmospheric pollution analysis can also be done in situ environment.

A few examples of applications for agriculture include the measurement of:

- Fat, protein, lactose and suspension in milk

- Greases, protein and humidity in meat and cheese

- Protein, carbohydrate, fiber and humidity in animal food

- Food and drinks

- Alcohol, sugar and sourness in fruit juices

- Protein, oil, ash, humidity and particule sizes in flour

- Fermentation, microbiology and microbes in food



Affordable SWIR cameras sensitive from 850 nm to 2.5 µm. Using a sensitive HgCdTe (MCT) FPA, ZEPHIR™ collects images at an astounding 345 frame-per-second rate  while reaching unrivalled low noise levels.


Giving complete information on your target with full resolution images at any wavelength in the range 400-1000 nm, Photon etc’s V-EOS will change your view of spectral analysis.



The unique power of infrared HgCdTe detectors coupled to the richness of spectral information that offers our technology. Tunable on a large spectral range (1000-2300 nm), S-EOS offers infinite possibilities.