IMA™ is an ultrafast and all-in-one customizable hyperspectral microscopy platform of high spatial and spectral resolution. The completely integrated system rapidly maps diffuse reflectance, transmittance, photoluminescence, electroluminescence and fluorescence in the VIS-NIR-SWIR spectral range. Based on high throughput global imaging filters, IMA™ is faster and more efficient than scanning spectrograph-based hyperspectral systems. 

IMA™ enables complex material analysis such as characterization of solar cells and perovskite, the mapping of composition, stress, defects or else in materials, the monitoring of spectral information, the changes in the intensity of single emitters, wavelength shifts or spectral bandwidth variations. Imaging from 400 to 1700 nm with a bandwidth of 3 nm, Photon etc.’s IMA™ is capable of measuring optoelectrical properties such as Voltage Open Circuit and External Quantum Efficiency and allows precise detection and characterization of defects in materials which is ideal for the quality control of semiconductor devices (GaAs, SiC, CdTe, CIS, CIGS, etc.).

The spectral range covered by IMA™ is ideal for the spatial and spectral identification and measurement of fluorophores that emit in the second biological window. With the possible integration of a darkfield illumination module, it becomes an exceptional tool to detect the composition and the location of nanomaterials embedded in cells or the complex analysis of live, in vitro and unstained biological samples; the properties of organic and inorganic substances. For example, single wall nanotubes (SWNTs) emission bands are narrow (~ 20 nm) and each band corresponds to unique species (chiralities). With IMA™, it is possible to separate these species with single SWNT spatial resolution on surfaces or in live cells. Biologists will love its attenuated tissue absorbance, its higher depth of penetration and its limited autofluorescence for their non-destructive analysis.

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The global hyperspectral Raman imager (RIMA™) developed by Photon etc. offers a unique solution for rapid spectral and spatial characterization of advanced materials over large areas (up to 1 mm x 1 mm and more). By combining this rich information obtained from Raman spectroscopic fingerprints with the speed of global hyperspectral imaging, RIMA™ extends the limits of sample analysis and is a powerful non-invasive imaging modality for material and biomedical sciences.

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CIMA™ hyperspectral confocal system is specifically designed for researchers developing the next generation of nanomaterials, such as upconverting nanoparticles for cellular imaging. 

This unique platform provides excellent spectral resolution between 400 nm and 1700 nm: below 0.2 nm in the visible range and less than 0.6 nm in the infrared. Paired with one of the fastest and most sensitive cameras on the market, the galvanometer scanning head boasts an acquisition rate of more than 300 spectra per second.

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