Extending the boundaries of industrial imaging, Photon etc. has developed affordable SWIR cameras sensitive from 800 nm to 2.9 µm. Using a sensitive InGaAs or HgCdTe (MCT) FPA, ZEPHIR™ collects images up to an astounding 340 frame-per-second rate while reaching unrivalled low noise levels with the integration of a four-stage TE cooler. Our BOREA™ line uses a Stirling micro cooler and has lower noise levels than its TE cooled competitors. Initially designed for demanding faint flux applications such as hyperspectral imaging, our cameras are well-suited for spectroscopy, astronomy or industrial applications in quality control and sorting.


The HypIRia are telecentric objective lenses optimized for 1 to 2.9 µm. They deliver a high throughput for high-quality imaging. Three different focal lengths are available: 11 mm (HypIRia 11), 15 mm (HypIRia 15) and 25.3 mm (HypIRia 25). Those lenses possess a broadband anti-reflective coating to reduce stray light and maximize throughput.