Photon etc. Expands its Expertise in Nanotechnology and Launches a New Division, Photon Nano.

Press release

Montreal (June 23rd, 2015) – Photon etc. is proud to announce that Nathalie Tang joins its development team in nanotechnology. The addition of Dr. Tang will allow the company to reach a new milestone in the integration of its lately licensed Raman labels and its unique imaging technologies. 

Nathalie’s extensive experience in nanoparticle development and characterization techniques will close the gap between Photon etc’s hyperspectral imaging solutions and the growing number of nanotechnology applications in biological research. After finishing her Ph.D. in chemistry with Pr. Badia at Montreal University, she pursed a post-doc with Pr. Martel’s group, focusing her research on carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Following the development of unique Raman encapsulated molecules in CNTs, a work published in NATURE Photonics in 2014, this innovation was licensed to Photon etc. by Univalor. To pursue in this promising line of work, Nathalie is joining Photon etc. and will be at the forefront of the recently created division Photon Nano

“Current advances in biochemistry show that nanoparticles are ideal for a wide range of pharmaceutical and biomedical applications, but still face challenges in terms of efficiency and reliability. The next generation of markers needs to address multiplexing challenges and the fragility of current fluorescent dyes - says Sébastien Blais-Ouellette, President and CEO. Photon Nano, with the help of Nathalie Tang, will answer these issues through the commercialization of Raman labels, the next generation of biological labels. ” 

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