Hyperspectral characterization of various types of solar cells will be presented at the 42nd IEEE PVSC meeting by Laurent Lombez (IRDEP)

Press release

Montreal (June 10th, 2015) – Photon etc has developed a hyperspectral imaging platform (IMA) for solar cell’s analysis in collaboration with IRDEP (Institute of Research and Development on Photovoltaic Energy, France). This imaging platform provides advanced materials maps allowing spatial study of defects, constraints, efficiency and optoelectronic properties. Dr Laurent Lombez, researcher at IRDEP, will present novel hyperspectral results on a variety of solar cells at the next IEEE PVSC meeting (New Orleans, June 14th to 19th).

Global hyperspectral photoluminescence and electroluminescence imaging provide rapid quality control and allow studies of fundamental properties of photovoltaic films or devices. Giving information on a million point simultaneously, these techniques have already been successfully used to characterize inhomogeneities in GaAs, CIGS, CIS and perovskite solar cells.  In addition, a patented method of absolute spectral and photometric calibration was developed by IRDEP to determine the spatial distribution of the quasi-fermi level splitting (Δμ), the external quantum efficiency (EQE) and open circuit voltage (Voc) of solar cells.

Dr Lombez believes this technology will help bringing to the market the next generation of solar cells. «[Indeed], it is possible to map several absolute properties of any investigated PV absorber with a spatial resolution down to a few microns. This universal method paves the way towards contactless combinatorial mapping of PV properties.»

In his talk as an invited speaker, the advantages of hyperspectral imaging will be explored on polycrystalline thin film solar cells and third generation cells for which evidence of a hot carriers solar cell operation beyond the Shockley Queisser limit will be presented.

Dr Lombez talk will take place on June 17th at 9:30 at the Empire Ballroom.


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