Semiconductor materials are present in a vast collection of devices, ranging from transistors to solar cells, multiprocessors to light emitting diodes. In order to improve further the next generation of such devices, researchers need to study the fundamental properties of semiconductor materials and perform quality control measurements. To do so, accurate characterization systems and methods are paramount, and Photon Etc.’s hyperspectral imagers possess the essential modalities to perform these tasks through the rapid collection of highly valuable spatial and spectral data.

The intrinsic specificity of Raman scattering confers to this imaging platform the ability to measure the uniformity and morphology of a wide variety of materials. It also allows a fast identification of the composition and stoichiometry, while providing spatial distribution of stresses and constraints. This platform was successfully used to characterise various properties of chalcogenide glasses, GaAs and GeSn/Ge/Si thin films, the identification of MoS2 layers, and the analysis of constraints in a Si wafer covered by SiO2.

Photoluminescence and electroluminescence are also widely used characterisation technique, providing a fast spatial distribution of key properties of semiconductors samples. It was successfully employed to characterise different defects present in SiC pin diodes and to study the uniformity of optoelectronic properties in CIGS, CIS and GaAs solar cells.

Photon etc’s hyperspectral imager can be efficiently used to investigate spatial inhomogeneities, defects and constraints in a wide range of materials. This state-of-the-art tool is a valuable asset to perform rapid quality control or studies of fundamental properties of materials.

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Perfectly suited for the analysis of semiconductors, IMA EL is a fast hyperspectral microscope for the characterization of all kinds of material by means of electroluminescence.


Our turn-key sources unite the flexibility of supercontinuum light sources to the incomparable out-of-band rejection of our optical filters, allowing easy and precise sample excitation or instrument calibration.


The HyperCube™ will transform your microscope into a high resolution spectral imaging system, opening new research perspectives in the field of biological imaging. Designed to fit commercial microscopes, cameras and a vast variety of excitation modules, the HyperCube gives access to the detailed composition of your sample.


The perfect Raman imager for the analysis of nanomaterials, RIMA NANO  is a state-of-the-art ultrafast hyperspectral imager available at excitation wavelengths of 532 nm, 660 nm and more.


From solar cells to advanced materials, our fast and all-in-one hyperspectral microscope IMA PL offers unmatched image and data quality.