Hyperspectral characterization of next-generation solar cells and LEDs

This video shows how spectrally and spatially resolved PL and EL maps can help identify defects, losses, and uniformity in advanced materials. A hyperspectral photoluminescence demonstration is performed on large grain perovskite crystals.


 Presentation of Photon etc's Hyperspectral

From solar cells to live cell imaging, our fast and all-in-one hyperspectral microscope IMA offers unmatched image and data quality.


 Presentation of Photon etc's LLTF Contrast

The incomparable efficiency and out-of-band rejection offered by our unique optical filtering technology are ideal for tunable excitation sources in fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy.


 Silicon Carbide Defect Characterization

This video shows various types of defects in SiC that are easily detected using Photon etc's luminescence imaging system. Offering spectrally resolved images, Photon etc's hyperspectral imaging technology improves material development capacities.


 Tunable Laser Source

Our turn-key sources unite the flexibility of Leukos and Fianium supercontinuum technologies to the incomparable out-of-band rejection of our optical filters, allowing easy and precise sample excitation or instrument calibration.


 Smartphone Display Hyperspectral Imaging

In this video, a smartphone white screen was imaged under a hyperspectral microscope with a 20X objective. The goal is to show how the three different pixel colours appear or disappear when the imaging system is collecting monochromatic images at different wavelengths.


 Photon etc's Global Imaging Technology

This video shows the conceptual difference between hyperspectral global imaging and raster scan (line-scan, push-broom). With global imaging, the gain in acquiring 3D data, 2D spatial and 1D spectral, is important since the only a few monochromatic images are required to cover the complete spectral range where one needs to take the full spectrum for each point or line in the image with other technologies.